Emulation beyond just Local QEMU

Tue, June 7, 12:00pm - 12:30pm | Berlin Congress Center - A - A05

Critical infrastructure, running operational technology (OT), runs on esoteric ISA's (arm, ppc, mips, sparc, cris, blackfin, etc.) that have been poorly documented, and were designed by companies who have since gone out of business, or can extraordinarily expensive to acquire. At the same time many cloud infrastructures support orchestration but not using QEMU and libvirt when the host ISA does not match the guest ISA, making techniques like distributed fuzzing significantly more difficult in regards to OT platforms. The QEMU project can emulate some of these ISA's; however, they receive an order of magnitude less development attention than i386/amd64 and can be extremely difficult to configure correctly. Our goal is to ensure that libvirt no longer assumes that the host ISA equals the guest ISA and will intelligently choose the QEMU binary based on the reported architecture of a given image allowing for cloud orchestration.

Distinguished Service Member (USMC) 2018

The President recognized the 5 distinguished service members from all the military branches. I was honored with representing the entire Marine Corps!

Profiles on Success with Jonathan Race: Proven Strategies from Today’s Leading Experts

life is only as exciting as you make it! No one is going to hand everything to you so don’t count on it; however, everything does get easier when you pay attention and simply make a choice.

Between being an Active Duty Marine, Father, Entrepeneur, Full-time Student, and Religious Devotee doesn’t seem to leave much spare time for anything else! Even with all of this I have found no shortage of joy, excitement, and fulfillment in life. I have been able to travel around the globe to countries such as Ireland, France, Canada, Mexico, United Arab Emarites, Seychelles, Etc… I have been able to make endless memories with my family and make countless friends that have impacted my life for the better! Everyone always talks about their bucket lists, one of the greatest feelings is actually doing the things on your bucket list.

One item that I’m proud of is becoming a published Author.




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